Become a global certified crypto broker

by learning from experts

The Blitz Broker program has been designed to spread the accumulated knowledge of experienced crypto brokers to as many people as possible.

About the Blitz Broker Program

The Blitz Broker Program is a training course designed to help anyone become a professional and profitable broker. It includes a training course, examination and certificate that make up this growing industry standard.

The program is a unique offering, unmatched across the industry.

If you’re ambitious, willing to learn and interested in developing a localized crypto liquidity service that your community can benefit from, this program is perfect for you. It will teach you all you need to know about crypto and brokering, even if you have no experience at all.

That’s because the program was designed by real crypto brokers and is taught by them too. By completing the program and passing the exam, you’ll receive a certificate confirming your Blitz Broker status. You’ll also receive technology resources and support to help establish your localized liquidity service.

Who is it for?

The main criteria for joining the program are an interest in becoming a crypto broker and a willingness to learn from an experienced team. You do not need to have any previous experience in crypto or brokering.

All applications are welcome but the program will likely appeal to some key groups:

  • Anyone with an existing interest in making money through brokering or investing in traditional financial markets (for example, stocks and shares);
  • Anyone who already performs some crypto brokering activities via established exchanges but wants to learn a formalized brokering process;
  • Anyone who sees a need for a localized crypto liquidity service within their community because of a lack of access to established onramps or exchanges.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn all the basics you need to become a certified crypto broker, from crypto 101 to trading and settlement. This includes all of the following topics:

Introduction to the program

This section covers the key elements of the program, such as the exam and certification, as well as what it means to be a crypto broker and what skills the role requires.

Introduction to cryptocurrencies

This section covers what a cryptocurrency is, as well as other key terminology such as blockchains, wallets, mining and whitepapers.

Introduction to brokering

This section introduces the role that brokers play in the cryptocurrency markets, including an explanation of the key features of being a crypto broker.

Understanding ethics & regulation

This section covers everything you need to understand about cryptocurrency and brokerage regulations, as well as the ethics of being a broker.

Understanding Jobber Brokers

This section introduces and explains the specifics behind the ‘Jobber’ role within brokering, including understanding spreads and calculating margins.

Understanding Blitzer Brokers

This section introduces and explains the specifics behind the ‘Blitzer’ role within brokering, including managing the transaction process.

Understanding operations

This section introduces the operational process, explaining how it works as well as what risk management and cost control requirements exist.

Understanding technical analysis

This section covers everything you need to know for technical analysis, including reading a trading chart, managing an orderbook and accessing the best prices.

Practicing your skills

This section lets you put what you’ve learnt into action! Under the supervision of our expert teachers, you’ll draw charts, manage operations and practice trades.

How You'll Be Taught


If you’re in Dubai or Hong Kong, we can offer face-to-face training at our offices. Otherwise, we offer remote learning via video lessons and in-person webinars at your convenience.


As soon as you want. Our sessions are roughly 45 minutes to an hour in length and most participants complete them on a part time basis. In total, the program is around 20 hours at present but we expect to extend this in future.


One of the most significant benefits of the Blitz Broker program is the fact that all our participants are taught by experienced crypto brokers who do this job everyday.

Exams and Certifications

At the end of the program, you will need to pass an exam in order to receive a certificate.

The Blitz Broker Certificate is a growing industry standard for cryptocurrency brokers that demonstrates your skills and signals to clients that they can expect the highest ethics, servicing, communication, execution and regulatory knowledge when dealing with you.

Blitz Brokers recognize that the certificate is a privilege that must be earned and maintained.

Brokers who intentionally or knowingly violate any code of ethics may be subject to disciplinary action, which could include revoking of certification.

Additional Resources and Support

All newly certified Blitz Brokers will be helped to prosper and succeed, including additional resources and support once your training has been completed. These include:

  • Access to other Blitz Brokers via the global network of localized crypto liquidity
  • Assistance on peer-to-peer trading platforms and trading communities to manage your brokering activities
  • Notification of job opportunities within the Blitz Broker Network, when available