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How to Learn about Cryptocurrency

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5 Effective Ways To Learn About Cryptocurrency

Why Cryptocurrency Matters

Since the release of Bitcoin a decade ago, cryptocurrency has grown to become a primary investment for many and a significant holding in most investor's portfolios.

Whether you hold your faith in Bitcoin to be the future currency or not, there is no denying that a simple mention of Dogecoin in an Elon tweet is already enough to generate billions of dollars of profit in the market. Any significant movements in crypto prices will ripple through and travel back to the stock market, and it's near impossible to be an all-round investor without learning about cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner and want to know where or how to learn about cryptocurrency, here are some recommendations where you can start.

#1: A Whole Wide Web Out There

Unlike trying to get into the stock market 50 years ago, resources for learning cryptocurrency today are readily available to you and are at the touch of your fingertips. All you have to do is find the specific aspect of cryptocurrency that you are interested in before making a simple web search to unearth a near-inexhaustible source of advice and information.

This breadth might be overwhelming, though, and you might not know where to start. For someone who's goal is to get into the market asap, you might want to jump straight into learning cryptocurrency day or swing trading as a high-risk-high-reward form of investment. For more cautious investors, you might lean towards learning about blockchain technology to better understand its risks, value, and long-term potential.

Once you've decided your goal, there is an extensive number of resources that can give you the necessary crypto training.

#2: Listen to Podcasts and YouTube

Podcasts and YouTube channels have risen in popularity and are how many of today’s best traders learned about cryptocurrency. Many hosts and influencers have years of experience in the financial field and are veterans and experts of not only crypto trading but other forms of investments.

We've handpicked a few podcasts and YouTube channels that are great starting points for beginners and can provide valuable insights to help you get started. Check them out:

  1. Epicenter - For anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and it's potential, this is a great podcast that features an array of CEOs, tech industry experts and engineers as guests to tell you everything you need to know about crypto and how it could change the future.

  2. The Bad Crypto Podcast - Despite its name, Joel Comm and Travis Wright's podcast is a great place for beginners to learn about the cryptocurrency market. The hosts are crypto enthusiasts who are both knowledgeable and entertaining, and they tune in twice a week to share the latest updates on market trends and insider knowledge.

  3. Brian Jung - With over 900,000 subscribers, Jung is quickly emerging as one of the most popular YouTube crypto influencers. Targeting the average, casual investor as its main audience, Jung's down-to-earth content is perfect for beginners who want to learn about cryptocurrency trading without having to go through a glossary for jargons.

The above recommendations are all great starting points, but you do not have to limit yourself to only learning about cryptocurrency. There are a ton of podcasts and YouTube channels out there that cover a wide range of investment topics and provide great tips for understanding the market in general, all of which will contribute to your crypto knowledge.

#3: Join some courses

For anyone who is more serious about getting into the cryptocurrency business or is looking into more than just casual trading and investments, crypto courses are the best place to learn your craft. We recommend none other than the Blitz Broker Training Program, provided by an array of industry-leading experts and designed to help beginners get a foothold in the crypto business.

Here are some key features and advantages of joining our program:

  1. Learn from experts - By following a structured and comprehensive program designed by real crypto brokers who know the industry, you can focus on learning cryptocurrency instead of looking around for information. This is a course that covers everything you need to succeed in the crypto market, from the very basics of mining, crypto wallets, transactions, all the way to drawing charts, understanding technical analysis, and developing profitable trading strategies.

  2. Community and resources – Completing crypto training on your own could be problematic if no one is there to point out your mistakes and help fix your bad habits. With the Blitz Broker Course you can practice your skills alongside other participants, ask questions and get assistance, and more importantly, track your progress and get feedback on your methods under the supervision of our expert teachers.

  3. Become a crypto broker - Aside from learning about cryptocurrencies, this course will introduce you to the different roles and regulations behind brokering and equip you with the necessary knowledge to become a crypto broker. Upon completion of the Blitz Broker course, you will be eligible to take our exam and receive a certificate to become a broker in our network.

  4. Get a head start on networking - Enrolling in this course will give you access to a global network of Blitz brokers. You will also be notified whenever a job opportunity becomes available within the network.

  5. It's totally free - You will not find any other courses on the market that is as comprehensive and free of charge. Do not hesitate to get in touch or submit your application today.

#4: Hit the Books

Books are also a great option if you want to go much deeper into detail on a specific topic as they are usually able to cover more grounds than a blog post or article. Without further ado, here is a list of books we recommend you to check out:

  1. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains - If you're a tech geek who's interested in learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and its potential applications, this is a terrific introduction. It covers a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and provides a thorough explanation of how exchanges and transactions work in the crypto world.

  2. How Money Got Free - If you're interested in the economics behind the crypto market, this is the book for you. Author Brian Patrick Eha writes in a tone that is easy to read for beginners as he goes deep into detail about the definitive history of the cryptocurrency revolution to find an interesting perspective on the past, present, and future of finance.

  3. How to day trade for a living - Though the topic is not exactly on cryptocurrency, Andrew Aziz's best seller is a great introduction for beginners to learn trading techniques that will translate seamlessly once you're ready for crypto-trading.

#5: Play the Game

If you’re looking where to learn about cryptocurrency and want a more hands-on approach, consider starting to play the actual market with a small about of cash. The idea is very simple; there is no other way to learn boxing than getting into the ring and getting hit in the face. The same principle applies to any type of trading and investing, and the sooner you get your hands dirty, the sooner you will learn.

Any sort of trading, whether it's stocks, options, futures, ETFs, or foreign exchange will all improve your understanding when it comes to crypto trading because you will learn to read charts, make trades, and develop trading strategies as you progress. Getting in the trenches is also important for getting yourself mentally and psychologically prepared for a potentially volatile market.

To get started, beginners can invest a small amount of capital for practice. Depending on your financial capabilities, this could be somewhere around a hundred to a thousand dollars, or any amount that you are willing to lose in case things don't work out.

For others who are more cautious and not ready to jump straight in, you can still find trading platforms that allow paper trading and gain valuable experience through real-time trading. This is also a great way to test out new trading techniques you've just learned in a risk-free environment.

Let the Learning Begin

Compared to when Bitcoin first entered the market, there is now a gigantic library of resources that beginners can access to learn about cryptocurrency. This might be dazzling for some, because you wouldn't know where to start, or which method to follow.

While it's important to gain information through different sources and learn about cryptocurrency from many perspectives, some beginners might find it easier to build a foundation through following and sticking to one channel of information.

For example, if you found that a particular expert, YouTube channel, podcast, or cryptocurrency training course happens to provide valuable knowledge as well as suit your trading style, it might be a good idea to follow them closely and narrow down your focus on them for a longer period. This way you can get deeper into the structure of their methods, understand why their particular trading techniques work for them, and once you're ready, develop your own methods, style, and technique from there.

The market keeps on growing and making new highs. If the price history of Bitcoin has anything to tell us about the future, it's that the current price levels for some of the cryptocurrencies today might never be as low again in three months’ time.

No matter what kind of crypto training you've decided to take on, it’s important to get a head start in this rapid and ever-changing market. If you want to learn more about the Blitz Broker cryptocurrency brokerage course, do not hesitate to get in touch or submit your application today.